The Mardie Salt Project is the cornerstone of BCI Minerals, it’s what we’re all here for and is the common goal we’re all working to achieve.

The state-of-the-art Mardie Village plays a key role in that success, providing staff and contractors with a home away from home while they’re on site.

As Superintendent of Business Services at BCI, Nicolas Schlemmer is the channel between BCI projects, operations and the facilities service provider, 28 Villages.

Through his role, Nicolas ensures the residents have a positive and safe experience while residing at Mardie Village.


Q: What do you like about your job at BCI?

A: The BCI team has been great to work with. This has given me the ability and opportunity to facilitate positive change for our residents and to win as one team.


Q: What was your career journey to get here?

A: Over the past 16 years, I have worked in the mining sector across multiple projects and Tier 1 companies. I started as a Catering Manager in the kitchens and in one role, I mobilised Onslow Construction Village with zero incidents which was achieved through collaboration with colleagues and key stakeholders. Through hard work, I have now made my way up to Superintendent of Business Services.

Q: What’s something interesting about you?

A: I met my wife, Robyn, on a blind date, and we have been together for 30 years. We moved to Australia from South Africa 19 years ago, my eldest daughter, Katelynn, was three and my youngest daughter, Talana, had her first birthday in Australia. Relocating to a new home country isn’t easy, and I could have never accomplished this without my beautiful wife. Together we have had the opportunity to build an amazing life in Australia.


Q: Why did you move to Australia and how did you find the experience?

A: My decision to move from South Africa to Australia was purely for the safety of my family. It took me a while to convince them to make the big move, and once we had decided to emigrate the process took 18 months. We finally left South Africa for good on May 2, 2006. Some of the biggest differences we found when we arrived where the houses, the main bedroom was in the front of the house, with windows from the ceiling to the floor, no burglar guards on the windows and houses had no fences in the front garden, they are all open. The other thing was, firstly, there were parks for the kids, and secondly, the parks were beautifully maintained and not destroyed. We are now fortunate to enjoy everything Australia offers, from fishing off the beach to enjoying a beer with the family down at the foreshore, or even making a braai.


Q: What is a time in your life when you’ve been proud of yourself?

A: Reflecting on my time in Australia, I have been able to watch my family grow and flourish to become the best versions of themselves. For me, becoming a father gave me a sense of purpose and direction to provide for my family. Raising two girls has been good, but definitely challenging. The best part of being a father has been watching my two little humans tackle life’s challenges and hitting their milestones with ease, and the other, having them show me the love and care they have for me.




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